"Just Married" written on a vehicle window

What Can I Use to Safely Decorate a Vehicle for a Wedding?

Tips for Decorating a Wedding Send-Off Vehicle

Now that the spring season is on its way, many of us are gearing up for the wedding season. Here at Allan Nott Honda, one of our favorite things about weddings is seeing what kind of car the couple choose for their send-off. Many couples rent an antique car, while others are happy with their Honda Civic. One tradition that the bridal party (particularly the groomsmen) is decorating the car. This used to just be a “Just Married” sign on the vehicle’s rear, along with a tail of cans on a string, but sometimes the groomsmen get out of hand by all-out trashing the car and unintentionally damaging it. If you are set on decorating the couple’s car, here are some tips to protect the vehicle and its paint. Read the rest of this entry >>

Line of cake slices in a variety of flavors

How Do I Transport a Cake in My Honda?

Tips for Transporting a Cake in Your Vehicle

Yesterday, we shared some helpful tips on how to transport food to Easter dinner. However, there is one food we missed – and that is the cake! This sweet dessert is a popular choice for the spring season – including Easter dinner, graduation parties, office picnics, and bridal showers. The only problem is that a cake can be extremely difficult to transport and can easily be ruined if you are not careful. Luckily, we have some tips to help keep that cake intact! Read the rest of this entry >>

Table set with Spring/Easter-themed foods

How Do I Transport Easter Dinner in My Honda?

Tips for Transporting Food in Your Vehicle for Easter

We just took a look at our calendar and realized that Easter is just over a month away. Many of us are trying to figure out our plans for the holiday, such as who in the family will be hosting dinner. Many of us are relieved when our sister, parents, or aunt call dibs on hosting because it means that we don’t need to put in the extra effort of deep cleaning our home or cooking for 25 people. However, the hostess might request that dinner be a group effort to make it easier for her schedule and budget. If you have been asked to bring a dish to share and need to figure out how to transport it in your Honda, keep reading for some helpful tips that will prevent spills! Read the rest of this entry >>

2019 Honda Passport near a lake

Find Out Why You Should Buy the 2019 Honda Passport!

Top 10 Reasons Why You Should Buy the 2019 Honda Passport Video

Here at Allan Nott Honda, our customers have been very excited about the 2019 Honda Passport. This new member of the Honda model lineup is a great choice for families or anyone who has a taste for adventure. Honda’s YouTube channel recently released this wonderful “Top 10 Reasons Why You Should Buy the 2019 Honda Passport” video, and we thought that we would share it here on our blog. Enjoy! Read the rest of this entry >>

Vehicle driving on a snow-covered road

Why is My Honda Groaning and Vibrating in the Winter?

Here in Ohio, we regularly get bombarded with crazy weather during the winter months. From subzero temperatures to thick blankets of snow, we have seen it all! Winter weather can be especially hard on our Honda between drained batteries, difficulty starting when the temps are 50 below with windchill, and trying to drive on ice or in deep snow (thank goodness some Honda models come available with all-wheel drive). You may have noticed that your Honda is groaning and vibrating a little during the winter months and you certainly want to know what is causing these symptoms. Luckily, we are here to provide a possible diagnosis! Read the rest of this entry >>

Woman with a camera

What are the Best Ways to Photograph My Honda?

Photography tips for capturing your #HondaLove Video

We live in an age where we love taking pictures of the good things in our life. Whether it is our first designer bag, a new outfit that we feel gorgeous in, or our new Honda, we are excited to share! When you purchase a new Honda and want to share the news on Facebook, Instagram, or other social media outlets, you want that photo to be just perfect. Honda recently shared a video that features tips on how to beautifully photograph your vehicle – and we are thrilled to share it right here on our blog! Enjoy! Read the rest of this entry >>

Baby sitting in a car seat

Can My Baby Wear a Winter Coat While Riding in Their Car Seat?

Car Seat Safety Tips for the Winter Season

Brrrrrr! It is really cold here in Lima right now! With these frequent polar vortexes with temperatures that plummet to more than 20 degrees below zero, we are better off just staying home where it’s warm – next to the fireplace with mugs of hot apple cider, and the kids curled up in blankets while watching Frozen. But we know that life needs to continue on and we are required to leave the house and go to work – and drop the kids off at daycare. We want to ensure that our kids stay warm during the commute, but should they be wearing their coats while riding in their car seats? Keep reading to learn some important information and safety tips! Read the rest of this entry >>